Getting Started with ZillyDilly (Parents)

Welcome to ZillyDilly™, the world's first expert-curated browser for children. Before children can begin using the ZillyDilly iPad™ browser app, parents must first register to create their own master account. Once parent master account registration is complete, parents create individual media plans for each child. The following 7 steps describe this process.

Parent master accounts must be set up using the ZillyDilly iPad browser app. Once set up, parent master accounts and child media plans can be managed using the ZillyDilly app, from another iPad, or from standard PC desktop browsers at

Step 1: Download the ZillyDilly for iPad app

  1. Download and install ZillyDilly for iPad from the iTunes App Store.

Step 2: Launch ZillyDilly for Registration

  1. On your iPad, tap the ZillyDilly icon.

Step 3: Begin the Registration Process

  1. Touch the Build Your Media Plan icon.

Note: User Name and Password fields on this screen are used by both parents and children to sign in to ZillyDilly after a parent master account has been set up and child media plan(s) created.

Step 4: Registration

  1. Enter the parent's first name.
  2. Enter the parent's last name.
  3. Enter the parent's email address.
  4. Confirm the parent's email address.
  5. Create a parent master account password.
  6. Confirm the parent master account password.
  7. Select "YES" if you wish to receive email message about ZillyDilly.
  8. Touch the Continue icon.

Step 5: Activate

  1. Touch "here" to activate your free child account.

Step 6: Add a Child (Default Automatic Setup)

  1. Enter a unique User Name for the child. An alert box will popup if the User Name is already taken. Help information about this setting is available by touching the question mark icon.
  2. Create a password for the child to use when signing into the ZillyDilly iPad browser. Help information about this setting is available by touching the question mark icon.
  3. Select a gender and age group for the child.
  4. Select or uncheck Automatic Setup. Note: ZillyDilly will automatically build a balanced Media Plan for your child that you can later customize if you select "YES." Go to Step 8 if you select this option. Go to Step 7 if you do not select this option.
  5. Touch the Save icon.

Step 7: Manage Your Media Plans

  1. You may edit your child's account settings by tapping "Child Settings."
  2. If you selected Automatic Setup, you child's media plan is ready for use. You may customize your child's media plan by tapping "Edit Media Plans."
  3. You may purchase additional media plans for other children's use by tapping "Purchase Additional Media Plans." Each additional Media Plan costs $4.99.

Parents may modify their media plan settings and their children's account information by signing into their parent ZillyDilly account on a desktop browser (, or by using ZillyDilly for iPad. If using ZillyDilly for iPad, please make sure to use your parent username and password, not your child's username and password.

Step 8: Configure Your iPad

  1. See Configure Your iPad in the Help/Support pulldown menu to complete the Getting Started process.

Step 9: Enjoy

  1. Touch the iPad's home button to close. ZillyDilly is now ready for your child to enjoy.
  2. Ask your child to tap the ZillyDilly icon to launch ZillyDilly.

Step 10: Launch ZillyDilly for Fun!

  1. Ask your child to enter the user name and password you created for them.
  2. Tap "Go" to launch the ZillyDilly browser.

Step 11. Using ZillyDilly

  1. The media plan you have created for your child is available by tapping any of the Growth Opportunity icons.

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