Configuring your iPad for ZillyDilly

Use Settings to configure your iPad to make ZillyDilly the only iPad browser available to your child.
Download instructions as a PDF document.


1. Tap the Settings icon.

General Settings

2. Tap General.


3. Tap Enable Restrictions.


4. Enter a four-digit passcode, then reenter the same passcode to confirm.

Application Restrictions

5. Tap Safari to turn it off. (Note: You should also remove or disable any 3rd party browser
    you may have installed on your iPad, other than ZillyDilly.)

6. Tap Installing Apps to turn it off.
7. Tap Deleting Apps to turn it off.
8. Tap Disable In-App Purchases to turn it off.


9. Press the Home button to save your changes.
10. Your child is now ready to use ZillyDilly.